4 Things to Consider Before Signing an Employment Contract


5. Place of work (remote versus on-site)

In today’s working world, it’s become increasingly common for employees to work remotely. Some people work remotely full-time, while others enjoy a hybrid style of working both on-site and remotely. Of course, many employees only work on-site too.

When reviewing a job contract, it’s recommended to check the terms related to your place of work. If you’ve been told you can work remotely full-time, your contract should say so. If you’ve been told you can work remotely three days per week, your contract should say so.

If your contract doesn’t outline your place of work, you could run into problems. For example, suppose your employer hires you as a remote data entry clerk, and then six months into your position they request that you come into the office. If your Employment Contract doesn’t protect your right to work remotely, you may have to comply with your employer’s request.

If your position is something that can only be performed on-site, it may not be as important that your contract includes language concerning your place of work.


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