Cyberattacks continue to plague modern businesses: what is to be done?


Cyberattacks are a growing threat to businesses, and their impact is major, leading to reputational damage, financial losses and operational disruption. Research shows that bad actors are constantly targeting UK SMEs. In the previous year, half of the companies in the country have suffered some form of cyberattack, with ransomware and phishing being the most common. But despite the alarming statistics, only a few businesses pay attention to cybersecurity, with many entrepreneurs relying on the built-in security software of their devices.

Unfortunately, this makes them susceptible to digital threats, as cybercriminals always look to take advantage of any weaknesses within SMEs. Therefore, it is critical to implement robust solutions to ensure data protection, such as choosing the best antivirus software that comes with solid security features or a VPN. Nowadays, viruses are very harmful and can damage a device so badly that it can never be repaired. Since most businesses have gone digital, setting up the right antivirus software is crucial.

How does antivirus software work?

The purpose of antivirus software is to detect and move to quarantine a malicious file and, ultimately, delete it. Essentially, it prevents malware from infecting your device. This software runs in the background, checking all opened files and comparing them to common digital threats while scanning the system for potential viruses. No matter how computer savvy you think you are, investing in antivirus software is always a good idea, as it ensures strong protection – and you know what they say, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

However, it’s essential to remember that not all antivirus products are created equal. Some are more efficient than others, providing features that increase the security of your system. For instance, different Norton security offers are available, and they have excellent malware detection rates because they are based on machine learning – an incredibly reliable technology. Such software also comes with a VPN, identity theft protection tools, and even a password manager, making it an ideal solution for your computer.

As a business, you deal with hundreds of details about your clients, employees and even your own company – and all this information needs to remain confidential. So, taking preventive security measures is necessary – otherwise, you may end up spending your money and time trying to repair an infected system.

Benefits of antivirus software

Sensitive data protection

Protecting personal and financial data is crucial because you don’t want hackers to get their hands on your credit card numbers and passwords. Spyware is among the most sophisticated forms of malware, which enters your device without your knowledge, gathers essential data about you and then relays it to external users. This type of malicious software is incredibly challenging to remove, so it only makes sense to spend several dollars on antivirus instead of losing a significant amount of your money only because you ignored cybersecurity.

Email protection

Viruses and Trojans get easily transferred via channels like emails. They act inside your device’s system, damaging critical files and allowing fraudsters to access your data. Bad actors make the threats look innocuous, whether it’s a text file, a link or an image. However, with one click, your computer with tons of confidential information will be damaged beyond repair. However, a good antivirus will scan every attachment and warn you about suspicious activities and potential threats.

Ease of use and management

An antivirus solution for your business gives you the possibility to manage security through a centralised console. This means that regardless of the size of your business network, all the devices can be easily controlled by an administrator. Plus, excellent tech skills aren’t required either– the console has an intuitive interface, making it easy to manage the process. You are free to add as many devices as you want to the network, create settings, and change and delete connections – all with just a few clicks.

Stronger online security

Suppose you run an online business and store sensitive information; you’ll need reliable antivirus. Getting a premium pack offers higher security, helping create a safe digital environment where you can run your business without worrying about potential threats. Many antivirus providers also provide additional security features, such as protecting financial transactions via modern encryption methods.

Regular background scanning

Malware can only be detected in time through regular background scanning. Premium business antiviruses do their job incredibly well, helping identify viruses before they infect your device. Background scanning is more efficient than manual scans because it lets you catch the virus before it starts running on and wreaking havoc on your computer.

Professional support

Some companies offer exclusive services if you purchase antivirus for your business, including a personal manager and free phone consultations, among other perks. Moreover, they also provide technical reports on the software’s scanning processes, detected threats and overall performance.

Great additional features

An antivirus product is mainly designed to detect and neutralise malware while scanning for possible threats. However, antivirus packs also come with extra useful features that take your cybersecurity to the next level, such as:

  • A firewall;
  • A search advisor;
  • A password manager;
  • An ad blocker;
  • An anti-spam filter;
  • A built-in VPN;
  • USB scanning.

Invest in antivirus to keep your business safe

Given all the threats in the digital world, antivirus has become indispensable for businesses, no matter their size. It’s indeed a worthwhile investment that can save you millions of dollars in the long run, ensuring your device is always safe. Yes, you could be lucky and never be a target for hackers or come across threats, but instead of pushing your luck only to have your data compromised, it’s better to take preventive measures. That way, you will have peace of mind knowing that your business won’t face any disruptions, and thus, your reputation will remain intact. Running your venture online definitely has advantages, opening the door to many opportunities and increasing your sales. But it also comes with risks, which is why having good antivirus protection is crucial, so do your homework and choose the best option for your device.


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