Eye-popping Main Street employment stat


A sign says "Discover Downtown Westbrook, a Main Street America community." Diverse people are walking on sidewalks in a New England historic downtown business district.

Westbrook, Maine, is a Main Street America community. Photo by Becky McCray

Hannah White, Interim President and CEO of Main Street America, dropped this little statistic at the Main Street Now National Conference in Boston in 2023.

Designated Main Street Districts in the US include over 1.1 million jobs, almost as many people as Amazon.

Amazon’s approximately 1.3 million jobs in the US does not include seasonal holiday help, contract workers, or delivery drivers.

Main Street’s 1.1 million doesn’t include all the downtowns in the US that aren’t designated Main Street Districts and also does not include seasonal holiday help, contract workers, and any other non-employee workers in the districts.

So the comparison is pretty reasonable to me.

Let me know if you use this stat in your community!

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