TikTok is seemingly making it easier to disclose if your content was generated by AI


TikTok appears to be working on a new way for creators to disclose if their posts contain AI-generated content. As shared by social media consultant Matt Navarra, a new “AI-generated content” toggle has appeared under the “more options” section before uploading a video. As part of the description for that toggle, TikTok says the label will help “prevent content removal”; TikTok updated its content policies in March to require that users disclose deepfakes and AI-generated content in the video’s caption or use an identifying sticker.

Navarra shared a video of the feature with The Verge. In the video, flipping the toggle led to TikTok showing the new pop-up about the feature. The pop-up reminds creators they’ll need to label content made by AI that shows “realistic scenes” and again warns that it may take down content if it isn’t labeled properly.

However, it seems this toggle might be in the process of rolling out, as another Verge staffer and I weren’t able to find it in the app. TikTok didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

The new AI-generated content label comes hot on the heels of last week’s discovery that rival platform Instagram is working on its own AI content disclosure labels. Along with tech companies Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and others, Instagram parent company Meta promised last month that it’ll develop AI responsibly and inform users clearly when content is AI-generated.


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