Top Activities for Corporate Outings


We all know the benefits of engaging a team in a corporate outing, such as integrating the team and encouraging team-building, which will help strengthen workplace relationships, but how can one choose the right activity to get the whole team engaged? 

Top 5 Things to do for Corporate Outings

We have curated a list of some of the best outings to support teamwork, communication strengthening and of course, places where everyone can have a couple of drinks and a good time!

There are some great venues around that offer great group mixology workshops that encourage teamwork and learning a new skill, with the obvious advantage of getting to drink the cocktails at the end! This is a sure way to have a fun time and encourage employees to engage with one another. 

This is our personal favourite option as doing recreational activities will always account for a good time and more often than not, teamwork, too! Some great ideas are the usual; bowling or mini golf, however, there are some fantastic competitors out there such as TopGolf which promotes cooperation and teamwork through its advanced technology systems. Another great option is to get your team into an escape room to work together to solve mysteries and get themselves out! 

These interactive activities will be sure to engage your team and create stronger bonds among each other. 

  • Adventure Activities or Sports

If you have a group of employees that you think might benefit from bolder corporate events, you could consider organising a kayaking adventure or maybe indoor rock climbing. There will be a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction once the adventure is over and it is a guaranteed way to get people out of their comfort zone!

Allowing your employees to participate in a conference or workshop will be beneficial to both the company and the employee, as it offers the opportunity to learn, grow and network. Depending on the type of event chosen, there is a chance that teams must work together or have discussions related to different topics, promoting stronger communication and bonding. There is also the added benefit of professional development at certain events. 

This is an activity that has seen an incline over recent years, with great yoga classes or teambuilding activities that encourage fitness and wellness. This type of activity will promote employee engagement and be a way to decrease stress in a supportive and unique environment.

Of course, each activity type holds different goals and your company must first establish the values, goals and preferences before deciding which corporate outing will be best. The most important is that the company gives employees the chance to mingle, grow and connect. Employees will see that your company wants to invest in them and in turn a company will see some changes and advancements around the workplace as everyone creates a stronger bond with one another. 

What are the Benefits of Corporate Outings?

There are some great benefits that businesses and employees will both gain from a team outing and as mentioned above, will help team members create stronger relationships which will then improve workplace dynamics positively. We have listed some other great benefits of corporate outings below:

  • Better Workplace Communication: Allowing team members to work together in a way that is out of regular working conditions will promote bonding and improve communication in the workplace.
  • Increased Employee Morale: As these activities promote teamwork, they will encourage motivation, alongside morale as the company shows how it invests in its employees.
  • Enhancing Employee Well-Being: Stepping away from work and doing a recreational activity is always something that will improve a person’s well-being, but your company can take the initiative with this. 


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