What You Need to Know About TikTok Analytics


Earlier this year, our social media manager, Mitra, published a TikTok to the Buffer account that went viral, with over two million views and more than 100,000 likes at last count. This kind of virality is rare, and we haven’t seen anything similar since then.


Mid day Target runs are worth the risk #CapCut #targetrunsarethebest #remotework #remoteworklife #wfh #wfhproblems #workfromhome #targettok #targetrunsbelike #targetruns

♬ original sound – Buffer

In an ideal world, every TikTok you create will go viral. It would certainly be great to get the word out about Buffer — but that’s not how the world works.  We’re not defeatists, though – the nature of social media means that consistency often yields better results than virality. And we’ve been consistent.

Thanks to careful analysis of which elements of our viral TikTok contributed to its success, we’ve been able to boost our metrics since then. We attribute much of this understanding to TikTok analytics.

In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about TikTok analytics — from what metrics and insights are available to how to get all of them for free to what you can do with them to boost your growth on TikTok.

What is TikTok analytics?

TikTok analytics is a set of data and metrics that provide insights into how your content performs on the platform.

They allow you to understand who your audience is, what content they engage with, and when they are most active. This information is crucial as it can help you make data-driven decisions to create your best content, increase engagement, and grow your audience.

How to access your TikTok analytics

Here’s how to access your TikTok analytics.

On mobile

Open the app and navigate to your TikTok profile (in the bottom right-hand corner).


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