X Updates Brand Assets, So You Can Replace the Twitter Bird in Your Displays


You may not be a fan, but the X re-brand is here to stay, which likely means that you’ll need to update your website, your in-store signage, staff email signatures, and other promotional material with the new X logo.

This could help. X has now updated its brand assets resource with the new branding, which Elon Musk had initially said was an interim solution, but he now seems to have settled on.

So it should be fine to update to these new icons. Should be.

X brand assets

Interesting to note that X hasn’t updated the wording, so you’ve got the old: “Our logo is our most recognizable asset” description on the first example. Which is likely no longer true, as most people have no clue what the X is. But Elon seems confident that they soon will, and that the Twitter bird will be forgotten, as X becomes the place to share all the latest updates and happenings.

But it’ll take some time.

The Twitter logo is one of the most recognizable brand icons in the world, and while Musk has a long-held vision for his X concept, his decision to update the app’s branding was seemingly made on a whim, with a user eventually submitting the design for the new X logo.

That seems like a hasty move, potentially eroding decades of brand equity. But Elon’s confident in his “everything app” vision, which will eventually make the X the symbol of the most valuable brand on Earth. In his words.

It’ll take time, but if you want to start moving to the next stage, you can now check in on X’s brand assets to ensure that you’re using the right icons for your links.

You can check out X’s Brand Assets page here.

(Thanks to Matt Navarra for the heads up on the new assets update)  


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